The first of the four Maritime Republics.

It is the first of 4 Maritime Republics and owes its foundation to the Romans enjoyed a flourishing trade with its Mediterranean.

The Amalfi Cathedral is the monument of Amalfi Coast, Best known mndo whose crypt are preserved the remains of St. Andrew, brought from Constantinople by the Archbishop Campbell during the Fourth Crusade.

For Amalfi are the only example of a southern shipyard, where in several well-preserved medieval statues, items and counting “Galleon Amalfi, That competes at the Historical Regatta.

Going to the inner city, enchanting Valley MillsWhere once was located the industrial district of the ancient city, one can encounter in old mills, some of them still in use.

Worth a visit is the Paper Museum of AmalfiBuilt from an old mill and a library with about 300 texts on the origin of the paper. Of the 16 mills operating in the late eighteenth century. Today they remain in office a decade that still produce handmade paper prized.

Amalfi worth a visit for its history, its traditions, its art and culture.

From Positano you can reach Amalfi by bus or by Sea, click for more information.

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