A nature walk for one hour to admire the mountain with the hole that gives the name to the village of Positano, Montepertuso.

From the main square of Montepertuso right after the Restaurant Il Ritrovo  starts the walk to reach the hole in the mountain Gambera (510 mt).
The hike requires average effort, is not a simple walk, but not very hard.
You have to cross several terraces and up many flights of stairs, the travel time is about 20 minutes. There are clear signs along the walk to help you get there without a lot of problems in the vicinity of the hole.

On arrival you can admire the famous hole in the mountain, tied to a Christian legend that says that the hole was practiced by the finger of the Madonna,  to witness of his presence. It is said that Montepertuso was the site of clashes between the Virgin Mary and the Devil and the deliverance from evil occurred only after the appearance of the Madonna in the hole of the mountain wrapped in his light a girl who said that the devil had been cursed and its efforts to destroy the evil in this mountain were over.

It will also open a beautiful view on the Amalfi Coast, do not forget your cell phone or camera to capture the beautiful scenery.

To reach Montepertuso you can use the service bus to Positano that starts from the center of Positano (Piazza dei Mulini) and reaches up to Nocelle, you have to get off at the square of Montepertuso.

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