How choose where to eat in Positano

Useful tips to help you figure out the culinary offerings of Positano

Positano is a country of excellence, not just in terms of hospitality, but also for its wide gastronomic offer for lovers of taste, even for the most refined palates and demanding.

Choose where to eat in Positano can be really difficult, not because it is difficult to find a good place where to eat, , but otherwise there is a wide variety of restaurant very careful about the tourist’s satisfaction in all its culinary needs.

Let’s start with restaurants that offering typical kitchen,at least once you have to try the specialties that come directly from the land or the sea of Positano, from tasty appetizers with local vegetables passing from the first to the sea and then get at the succulent meat dishes or fish, concluding with the simplicity of a traditional sweet. A must is the Parmigiana di Melanzane, a real explosion of taste.
The cost of a meal in this type of restaurant is between 25 and 35 Euros per person.

For the most refined palates and lovers of international cuisine Positano offers a good choice of starred restaurants that through the years have been able to combine new cooking techniques with traditional local cuisine revisiting and improving dishes.
The cost of a meal in this type of restaurant is between 40 and 80 Euros per person, often the cost could be higher in highly scenic.

There isn’t shortage of pizzerias in Positano , represent the most economical solution for young people or families. Many locals over the basic offer of pizzas for everyone preparing dough or gluten-free specialties made from spelled or wholemeal flour. Pizzerias addition to the classic pizza also prepare many specialties of rotisserie. Interesting the idea of taking a pizza takeaway and eat it in beach of Positano or in a beautiful scenic spot.

You are still undecided on where to eat in Positano?

You will helpful know that often the restaurants in the villages of Positano offers a free shuttle service, is obviously at the request and you will need to book at least a few hours earlier.

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